Company name: Porsche Albania
Gross revenues in 2014: 10.6 million EUR
No. of employees: 58
Location: Tirana

Porsche Albania is a direct investment of Porsche Holding Salzburg in Albania. The company activity started in 2005 when Audi and SEAT are offi cially presented for the fi rst time to the small Albanian market. In 2006 SKODA joins the family, to continue in 2008 with another brand, Volkswagen Trade Vehicle. In 2012 Volkswagen (passenger vehicle) is added to the portfolio of Porsche Albania brands. From 2005 to 2014 the Porsche Albania activity grew progressively. The number of brands which the company trades has increased by 150% since 2005, while the number of employees by 211%.

For more information can be found on the book “Albanian book, The best 2015-th

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